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MaryRuth Organics Reviews and Testimonials

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Super happy with the quality and effectiveness of this product as with most Mary Ruth products. Customer service is AMAZING! Thank you, THANK YOU. I love shopping with companies that appreciate my business.

Numbers rubbed off the grey one

The ones with black measurements on them work perfectly but the grey one washed off immediately, disappointed and they were all HANDWASHED, they were never put in the dishwasher and I use a tiny amount of Meyers clean day soap on them, and they grey ink disappeared.

Tastes great

This is the best tasting iron supplement I've ever taken.

Great Products!

I have a hard time swallowing pills especially when I’m pregnant, so when I did research and for Mary Ruth’s, I was ecstatic about the liquid iron (and liquid prenatals). It has totally changed my life and I tastes amazing 👌🏼

Great supplements

Measuring Shot glass

Perfect little gadget to make sure I'm getting the perfect dosage each time.
Love it !
Love MaryRuth"s Organics!

Measuring shot glass

I bought six of these and they arrived broken. They were stacked in three’s with no cushion between each glass. The two stacks were then well wrapped with bubble wrap. Five of six were destroyed from glass on glass contact. I contacted the seller. I used to work in packaging and shipping so I told them they need to put at least a piece of paper or thin cardboard between the glasses. They nest these together like Russian nesting dolls.
They were very sorry and responsive and shipped me a new set of six.
The very same thing happened because they packed them the very same way. They ignored my suggestion and/or the advice I gave never made it to packaging. So they gave me a refund. I’m sure there are other products they make and ship well. If I’d ordered ONE glass, it would likely have been received unbroken. And this was to be a gift. Something my daughter specifically asked for and told me where to order it.

Worse than fishy smell - Updated review below.

While I love most of your products, the marketing on this is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. I bought this because it says "no fishy smell" but what it doesn't state is that it is actually worse than a fishy smell. My 2year old spits it out everytime I try to give it to him even when masked in any other drink/smoothie. I just feel like I wasted money buying this. So dissatisfied with this one!

** An update: My previous review was a little harsh on this product. After being educated about why the smell in Omega 3's by the Mary Ruth Customer Care team, i realised it really isn't something they can control. The product is actually pretty good and since using it i have seen some improvement in my toddler's concentration and activities in general. He also somehow got used to the taste and now takes it WITHOUT being mixed with anything (literally a miracle!). Thank you guys so much for all your amazing products.

Measuring Shot Glass

I was so excited when I saw that Mary Ruth had this measuring shot glass. I was having problems measuring my Mary Ruth products and now I’m good!! Great idea for the products and well worth the money!!


Truly love MR Probiotic Weight Management. Keeps my system moving gently on a regular basis. Thank you!


I love it. I was skeptical at first but after feeling how soft and supple my skin is I am hooked! I use it often and am very impressed by this products effectiveness. Forreal y'all.

Moisturizer oil

It’s a very good oil. I love it.

It's okay

So far it's okay, order was late by the fault of the carrier package was damaged, not MaryRuth's fault. Understandable. They were super quick getting replacement out to me. I received the bottle with safety seal on but the cap was broken, decided to use it anyway and tapes the cap. Taste isn't too bad, kinda what you expect vitamins to taste, but if I used this in beginning of pregnancy it would definitely cause morning sickness.
I haven't been using it long enough to note anything physical.

Very yummy

These taste great!

Triad of Health
Liquid nighttime multimineral

It does not do anything for me not happy with it at all

Liquid Iron

Great product taste amazing my son loves it .

Triad of Health
Denise S.
Great product but....

Great product but too sweet to drink. I thought it was awesome To drink our vitamins but after giving it over a month I just couldn’t anymore. I am hoping that something is in the works to decrease the sweetness.


Great Product Kid's LOVE IT, can't wait to purchase more

Great product

I bought this for 3 different people in my family, everyone said are great and haven’t felt any bad symptoms.

I love the bundle I bought but I haven’t tried the D3 spray yet. The liquid vitamins are energizing me!

Liquid Nighttime Multimineral

Great product

Wait till your ready for bed

I know if I take this too soon, I'll be out in a moment and I am not complaining, I slept the night through for the first time in a while. The Nighttime Mineral has been a well added ingredient to my night time routine, as it relaxes me and gets me ready for bed, beside the fact that all these minerals are good for you. The liquid version of all her products have really help me due to digestive issues I was afraid I was wasting my money on pill and capsule vitamins, so I feel really good about taking Mary Ruth's products.

Great Product

Absolutely love this liquid vitamin! Love the way I feels and it's great tasting!!

Gummies D3 and b12

Kids love them one of the only vitamins they don’t fight me to take

Love my Gummies

So Xcited to have this organic solution in my life! So grateful to be taking care of my body without all the junk found in other brands! Thank you Mary Ruth for all you do!

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