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Featured in Thrive Global

Featured in Thrive Global

An excerpt from MaryRuth’s book, Liquids Till Lunch, was featured as an article titled “Why Grief is About Expanding, Not Shrinking,” in Thrive Global.


When I was in my sophomore year of college, something happened in my life that I haven’t talked about very much. About seven years after my dad died suddenly and six months before my brother passed away, a good friend whom I’d met in college and had worked with in the intramural referee department there was murdered. He was only nineteen years old, and he was on the dean’s list, studying to become an accountant. He was tall, handsome, charismatic, and loved by everyone.
My friend had ended up at a small party in Brooklyn after a night out with a few friends. He didn’t have enough money to get a car back to the place where he was staying in New Jersey, so he stayed out longer than he normally would. It’s still unclear what happened over the course of the night, but at around 4 a.m., the neighbors in the quiet, residential neighborhood where the party had been heard shots. Not long after, he was found dead, face down on a yellow blanket in someone’s driveway. Five bullets were in his body, and he’d been severely beaten.



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