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MaryRuth's #1 Secret for an EASY, AFFORDABLE energy boost!

It may be hard to believe but one simple change in the morning hours can substantially improve your energy levels. The secret? 💙 LIQUIDS ‘TIL LUNCH! 💙

I have been doing liquids till lunch for 10 years and it gives me so much more energy.

It takes energy to digest solid food. Instead of having a big meal in the morning, switch to liquids. Not only will it keep you hydrated, but it’ll allow you to focus your energy on getting things done instead of digesting food.

It’s a concept I used to teach my clients in my private practice in NYC. Many of my clients would complain that if they did liquids till lunch then they couldn’t take their capsule vitamins because the vitamins nauseated them. That is when I first decided to make a liquid vitamin!

Learn more about my Liquid Morning Multivitamin.

If you were doing liquids till lunch what liquids would you choose? Coffee? Fruit smoothie? Vegetable broth? Celery juice?

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